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Your meat is organic, your veggies bought fresh from the farmer’s market, you have cultivated your own organic garden but the spices you use are the ones you can find at the local supermarket. All you need are organic spices, so you can have the greenest kitchen around. Pristine Planet presents a comprehensive list of organic spices and herbs to meet your cooking needs.

Whip up delicious brownies, cakes and cookies with flavored sugar. Lavender Sugar is made from organic cane sugar with hints of the herb to give any dish a lift. Stir it into your tea for a deliciously relaxing experience. Choose from Mint, Spicy Rose and Cocoa Vanilla and enjoy the sweetness.

Cooking will be a joy with organic spices and condiments like our Organic Red Chilli Powder and Oregano. Steep your meat and fish in our various rubs to bring a hint of new flavor to old dishes. We have got Black Pepper, Fennel Pollen, BBQ and even Moroccan Twist spice rubs. Bring a hint of the exotic to your cooking with Tahini, Horseradish Dip and Squadrilla Chutney.

Our natural spice sets give you more for your money by combining our best flavors in one order. Try our Condiments X 4: a wonderful mix of mustard and chutney that will liven up any dish. Go for Epicurean Organics, a wonderful and worldly blend of ready-made natural spices you will certainly love. Bring the Caribbean, India, China, France and Italy into your kitchen.

Natural spices infuse your vegetables and meat with powerful flavor unmatched by commercially available condiments. You can use these when your favorite herbs are out of season or when you need a flavorful meal in a pinch. Keep our organic spices on hand for parties, use them in cocktails—the possibilities are endless for the creative cook.