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Men's Shaving

For the closest and most comfortable shave for men ever, trust your skin to only the most natural and trusted organic crème products available. Browse through the wide selection of organic shave products and be delighted at the array of natural shaving skin care products available. Here you will find shaving brushes and mugs, liquid cream shaves, natural shaving kits and so much more.

Find all your shaving needs in one handy little kit that you can take with you wherever you need to go. Look your best on the road with the closest shave ever from the Men's Eco-Friendly Shaving Kit Gift Bag. The kit itself is made from natural hemp and filled with all that you need to keep the 5 o’clock shadow at bay. It includes a washcloth made from hemp, a peppermint body soap made from organic materials and an organic spearmint shaving gel. It is the perfect gift item for anyone who is always on the go or travels for a living.

Shaving becomes more fun with a cleaner conscience. Try out the New Fair Trade Organic Shaving Gels collection. The Organic Skikakai Shaving gels are great at smoothening the skin with its natural moisturizing glide action, hair lifting and wet application. The product is proudly USDA approved organic. They are made with absolutely no synthetic or chemically harmful ingredients. What you will find in each tube are South East Asian seed pods from the Acacia Concinna which is mixed with grape juice and extracted in all natural sucrose. All your skin will get is the smoothest and most incredible shave ever.

The product is made up of essential oils that are 100% certified to be organic. The formulations are effective and elegant, ensuring that hair is lifted well for the closest shave ever. It protects and moisturizes your skin without leaving you feeling greasy. Only baby soft skin that is smooth and well conditioned.

Your skin deserves the best shaving products you can find. Pristine Planet has a large selection of organic and natural shaving products. Natural shaving kits, shaving brushes and mugs, shave toner, liquid cream shave and more.