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Natural Shaving Cream


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Check your shaving cream out. You slather it all over your legs, face and armpits without noticing that half the ingredients are dangerous. If you cannot read the ingredients, chances are your shaving cream has more chemicals than you need. Most shaving cream cans are made from aluminum or metal, which corrode and are hard to recycle. Pristine Planet gives you eco-friendly alternatives to your shaving cream, to help you get that organic and safe shave.

Alba shave cream is made from natural ingredients. Try their Restorative Aloe Alba shaving cream made with peppermint, green tea and Aloe Vera. The aloe moisturizes the skin while peppermint and green tea soothe and cleanse. It is hypo-allergenic and paraben free. Alba shaving cream is soap free and comes in delicious scents like coconut lime, sea foam, mint and mango vanilla. Women will love the silky feeling on their legs and men will marvel at their soft skin and close shave.

A natural shaving cream has none of the harmful chemicals most conventional creams do. If you have dry skin, try Oliveology’s shaving oils and gels. These are derived from olive oil and contain no harmful chemicals that can seep into your skin. All their products are vegan-friendly. Try the Tobacco and Lemon Shaving Oil—great for the manly man who needs a good, close shave.

You cannot go wrong with an organic shaving cream like Sunleaf’s Natural Shaving Soap Bar. Each bar is made from pure green clay, plant ingredients and essential oils. The organic shaving cream bar is perfect for those with sensitive or easily irritated skin since the green clay helps draw out dirt and soothe redness.

Why stick with chemical filled shaving cream? Our organic and natural selection help you get the same close shave with benefits like smoother skin and less redness, naturally. Natural ingredients also break down in water so they do not infiltrate or pollute or water systems. You keep your skin and body healthy and keep the earth healthy as well.