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If you love to make your own garments and crafts, Pristine Planet has the best organic selection of sewing materials for you. Make organic yarn sweaters, cozies and mittens or create your very own organic line of clothes. Eco sewing has never been so luxurious. Choose from a versatile collection of thread, yarn and cloth for all your craft needs.

Homemade and DIY is making a comeback in these hard times. Be stylish and organic with the most natural and chemical-free fabric choices around. Start with the Organic Cotton Flannel, a lightweight fabric perfect for light blouses, hankies or anything your creative mind can come up with.

Our Hand Brushed Organic Yarn has never been touched by pesticides and certified fair trade and vegan-friendly. You will love the rustic feel and texture of this yarn. It is so soft because it has never been bleached or dyed. The natural color goes well with your own handmade dye or leave it as is when you turn this into a shirt, dress or use it to upholster your furniture.

We also offer organic cotton sateen, the ultimate luxury fabric. It feels soft and velvety against the skin and it meant for quilts, sheeting or curtains. But who says you cannot turn this 230 count fabric into a kicking dress or pant suit? We also love the natural Wood Buttons made from sustainable lumber perfect for projects and outerwear.

Your organic sewing collection will not be complete without our selection of weaving yarns and thread. Untreated yarn comes with its natural wax still intact and is hand grown and spun right here in the US. Our yarn comes in natural colors, so you can use them as is or dye them to match the rest of your design. Use it for sweaters, jackets, hats or mittens or for anything you want. You are only limited by your creativity.