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Reclaimed And Eco Friendly Living Room Furniture


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Living Room Furniture

Now your home can be truly green with this selection of reclaimed living room furniture. The traversa foyer table is made with the oak staves of areal wine barrel. It makes a unique design for one of a kind furniture pieces. The staves of the oak barrel make the criss-cross legs of the foyer tables with a rustic appeal. The bottom and top shelves are made from recycled white pine timbers. The foyer table gives of a nice rustic style. Each table is 34"h x 40"w x 17" deep.

Add a nice touch to your living room with this sustainable eco friendly two level coffee table. It is simple yet functions well. This reclaimed furniture has two levels that you can use for more storage space. The surfaces can be reversed in order to rejuvenate the look of your furniture throughout the years. The construction enables you to assemble it in a few easy steps. The furniture has an amber finish which is non toxic and environment safe.

Now you can add some rustic sophistication to your hallway with the two drawer vermont foyer bench. It has two drawers and ample space below to keep your shoes and boots. This eco friendly furniture is perfect to sit on for putting on or taking off your footwear. The measurements of the bench is 18"h x 35"w x 17" deep. It is made with recycled oak barrels and used white pine taken from the timbers of old barns. The bench is made with steel fasteners and fine wood joinery ensuring its durability.

The timber block table is made from wood branches of farmed Eucalyptus trees. It may be used as a display stand, a stool for extra seating or an end table. It can also make an interesting coffee table if you add two or more pieces to it. Turn it upside down and it can be used as a planter. The furniture is made with natural wax. It makes a wonderful accent to any home.

Looking for some options for eco friendly living room furniture? We have brought together the best sustainable and eco friendly furniture around. From modern to traditional living room furniture, you'll find something that works with your decor.