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For a soft and cozy home try this selection of handmade quilts. Try this red and earth toned patchwork organic quilt made with a Guatemalan patchwork. The quilt is especially made from hand woven cloth that is used as traditional clothes in Guatemala. The black backing is plain has no filler. It is available at the king size of 104 by 94. Each quilt is handmade and therefore unique. You will not find anyone else having the same quilt as you.

It is the perfect addition to lively up any room. Fair trade practices are observed in the production of these quilts. Instantly brighten the look of your room with the reversible sateen custom quilts. You can simply turn it around and employ a different look right away with its special reversible design. The quilt is made from soft and comfortable 100% organic cotton that are specially woven in India.

They are created with ripples that overlap from one end to the other, making it comfortable and warming. The quilt is safe for washing machine use and is perfect for layering with other quilts. To beautify any room, try coordinating with other quilted shams that are reversible as well.

These duvet covers are quilted with overlapping waves and are made with 100% pure and organic cotton. These quilted covers are safe for washing machine and dryer use. Warm water with mild soap is recommended when washing the quilt. Do not use any bleaching solutions or whiteners as the depth and brilliance of colors may be diminished.

For a comfortable and luxurious feel against your skin, try the Coyuchi Sateen Quilt made from all natural cotton. Two layers of soft cotton sandwiches fluffy cotton batting and is quilted together using a wave pattern. It keeps you comfortably warm during the cold season. These quilts are safe for washing machine use. Do not use with bleach products as this may affect the color and quality of the quilt.

These handmade and organic quilts are beautiful. There are a lot of eco friendly quilt options on Pristine Planet. Whether you want a patchwork quilt or an organic cotton quilt, you'll find just the right quilt for your home.