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Organic Preemie Clothes


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Organic Preemie Clothes

Unless you are a parent or physician, you are probably not familiar with the word 'preemie', which is actually just short for 'premature infant'. These tinier-than-usual infants require a lot of care due to their early delivery. The first few weeks or months of their lives are sometimes spent in an incubator. This is to ensure that they are sufficiently protected from all kinds of harm that their immune systems which are not yet fully developed cannot handle.

When they leave the hospital, it is critical that they still receive an abundance of care. Certainly, preemies deserve clothing and other supplies that are especially designed for babies in such condition.

The best preemie clothing would be those that can keep your babies warm enough day and night. The head is a baby's most vulnerable body part to extreme temperatures. Their extremities are also almost as vulnerable, which is why it is critical that you keep them warm and comfy in body suits, mitts, socks, and of course head wear. The Preemie Baby Organic Cotton Beanie from Lapsaky Organic, for instance, is a particularly nice choice. It is made of organic cotton rib knit with medium weight so that your baby will feel toasty warm rather than uncomfortably hot.

Some experts advise parents to keep premature babies inside the house for the first few months. If, however, there is a vital need to take your preemie out, you can keep them extra safe with the Organic Bundleboo Baby Carrier from Nature's Baby Blankets. It is extremely easy to use and will keep your baby safe at all times while leaving your hands free to multitask whenever necessary. A safety belt is also provided to keep your baby securely in place whether you are carrying him in front or on your back.

Your preemie baby deserves your extra special attention, and these adorable preemie pajamas and preemie clothes are just the thing to keep your preemie baby feeling and looking adorable. You want to put your preemie in only the most natural organic preemie clothes you can find and Pristine Planet offers great options for your baby.