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Men's Organic Polo Shirts


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Men's Organic Polo Shirts

Men's polo shirts represent a sense of fashion where casual and sophisticated blends beautifully together. With organic polo shirts, however, men not only get to be sartorially elegant but they are also able to stay true to their eco-friendly roots.

Natural polo shirts are basically made of fabrics and materials that have been naturally or organically produced or manufactured, many under fair trade agreements. A nice example of organic polos would be the Sameunderneath Panel Polo Shirt by Verdessence. These bamboo polo shirts are made of 30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo. Considering their fabric construction, this is one product that you will be exceptionally proud to have been made originally in China - the land of bamboos and pandas.

Many men prefer not to wear organic polo shirts in fear of having to make do with limited choices for fabrics, designs, and colors. That may have been true during the first years that organic polo shirts were produced but not anymore. Nowadays, you get to choose from a wide variety of designs ranging from those with semi-fitted styles to those with relaxed and casual cuts. You also get to choose from a wide variety of brands such as Kasper Organics and Wear the Earth.

Organic cotton polo shirts are not particularly hard to care for. Most of them may be machine-washed, which should have bachelors sighing in relief. A lot of single guys stay away from choosing beautifully made shirts once they see the hand-washed tag on the back. As an additional bonus, most organic polo shirts may also be tumbled dry as long as they are in medium strength.

As such, natural polo shirts need not be a detriment to the casual and carefree lifestyle of bachelors in town. With these shirts, they can still look their best and impress the girls at the same time when their dates find out that their shirts are made of organically produced materials.

Being fashionable is always a good thing, but with organic men's polo shirts, being fashionable and environmentally conscious is even better.

Men's Polo shirts are a staple in most men's wardrobes. Whether they wear their new organic men's polo out on the golf course or at their work's casual day, you'll be glad knowing the eco friendly polo shirt he's wearing is a little kinder to the earth.