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Natural Pet Supplies


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Show you pet some love with Pristine Planetís organic pet supplies. We have found the best natural pet products around, especially selected for the insightful and eco-aware pet owner who wants the best for a loyal four legged friend. We carry everything from organic food, treats, dog and cat food bowls to vitamins and accessories.

Eco pet supplies are one way for you to reduce the carbon footprint of your animal. By choosing to go organic, you not only guarantee your petís health, you also give a little back to Mother Earth. Start by switching to organic pet treats. We carry a line of tummy-friendly, delicious organic dog biscuits your dog will go gaga for. Try our Chicken n Fish kitty treats for your purring friend, so yummy you will have to lock it away.

Natural pet supplies are not just limited to food and treats. We have plush toys for dogs and cats made from organic materials like our Catnip Filled Mouse Cat Toy or the durable hemp dog toys made from natural hemp. Our chew toys for dogs have no harmful plastics or chemicals that can harm them.

We also carry a selection of organic shampoos and anti-flea products to help keep your pet parasite free. Many flea shampoos contain harsh and harmful ingredients that can harm your pet and contaminate the water system. Try the BeFree Flea Shampoo to get rid of fleas the natural way. Pal Dogís Soothing Spot spray is great for those inflamed areas cause by mite attacks or too much scratching.

We have eco pet supplies for all your needs. Even our pet begs are ecologically friendly and environmentally responsible. Try our biodegradable doggie poop bags so you can dispose of waste responsibly ó we even have one so friendly you can flush it down the toilet. Go organic! The earth and your pet will thank you for it.