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Eco Nuts


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At Pristine Planet, we have gone a little nutty over eco nuts. Our selection of these crunchy, delectable delights is sure to please all sorts of palates! Best of all, these organic nuts are produced by environmentally-responsible companies who take action and avoid causing harm to the environment.

Nothing beats the taste and quality of organic nuts. Eco nuts are not just tasty, they are also good for you, with many minerals and good helpings of fiber and protein. Of course, they are also quite fatty, so consume them in moderation. Eco Nuts are great when roasted, and can be eaten plain or flavored with savory spice mixes or even covered with rich chocolate.

One product worth trying out is almond butter. It is like peanut butter, except it is made from almonds. It is wonderful on crackers or bread, or if youíre feeling particularly indulgent, straight from the spoon.

You can also get cocoa-dusted nuts from Yumnuts. Instead of coating the nuts in shells of milk chocolate, which invariably add calories, dusting with cocoa powder produces a similar chocolate taste without packing on the fats. Less sugar and no milk also means a better opportunity to explore the deep and multilayered flavors of true chocolate.

More of the savory type rather than the sweet-toothed type? Donít worry; you are not left out in the cold. There are lots of savory eco nut choices! Check out the Easy Cajun Cashews from Yumnuts or the Smoked Paprika Almonds from Gary & Kitís, or even rosemary-flavored hazelnuts from Fionaís Natural Foods. Skip your carbohydrate-rich and oily chips and choose the smarter snacking choice.

You could also pick a sampler package so you can sample the spectrum, as it were. These samplers are great gifts for the peckish friend or family member. With these organic nuts, satisfaction is just a handful away!