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Organic Nursing Pillow


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Using a nursing pillow has many benefits for both mother and child. Our selection of organic nursing pillows here at Pristine Planet give you the best and safest quality for baby, so you can nurse comfortably without worrying about synthetic ingredients or chemicals.

An organic nursing pillow can help you and your baby find the most comfortable position when nursing, whether you prefer to nurse lying on your side or back. They can also help first time moms correctly teach their babies how to latch on, which can be hard the first few times.

Our baby nursing pillows are made with organic, untreated wool to help prevent the allergies and reactions that can come from other pillows. Blessed Nest pillows are made from organic cotton, which is a cool, comfortable and breathable fabric. The shape of these pillows can contour to any type of body and it is filled with buckwheat.

An organic breastfeeding pillow is the perfect solution for babies who have eczema or mothers who prefer 100% organic products. Organic gives a level of comfort unmatched by other nursing pillows made from synthetic or conventional products. Mommy will also love our baby nursing pillows since they help prevent back strain and fatigue in the nursing arm. Daddy can also use these pillows when it is his turn to bottle feed the baby.

Our baby nursing pillows are small enough to be brought around and so comfortable you might end up using them even when you are not feeding the baby. Follow up your nursing sessions with our Booby Tubes, an all natural product that helps reduce swelling breasts and encourage your milk to flow naturally.

At Pristine Planet, we want to make sure you have the most effortless and comfortable breastfeeding experience possible. You will never want to do without our lovely selection of pillows. No matter what you choose, you are guaranteed a comfortable feeding session that you and your baby will always look forward to.

Comments for Organic Nursing Pillow

I would highly recommend this nursing pillow - it's so much nicer than other nursing pillows I have used! It's organic and has buck-wheats hulls - sort of like a bean bag so you can move it around to fit you and the baby. It fits so nicely! It's very well crafted and soft!