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Organic Baking


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It is a soothing rainy day. You are feeling a little cold so you decide to fire up the oven to do some organic baking. Then you find out you have no flour. Pristine Planet gives you premium organic baking mixes for everything from pancakes to bread to cookies so you can bake hassle free and organically.

Our organic mixes are completely delicious and completely healthy. Try Cook-in-the-Kitchen’s Scone and Muffin Mix, made with organic, preservative-free ingredients so you can be sure you are giving the best to you and your family. Simply mix and you can have your favorite lemon poppy muffin for breakfast. Choose from maple walnut and blueberry oat flavors or get the variety pack and try them all!

An organic mix gives you all of the health benefits of your favorite food without added sugars, trans-fat or saturated fat even with your favorite cookies. May Cookie Company gives you their Triple Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Mix. If you simply cannot get enough of cookies, they offer a sampler pack which includes Triple Chocolate, Oatmeal Cranberry and Rich & Chewy Chocolate Chip flavors. All goodness, no fakes, so you can have a cookie whenever you feel like it without the guilt.

Your kitchen will be the new center of scrumptious treats with a gluten-free baking mix. No wheat allergy or celiac disease will ever keep you from having a delicious sweet treat again. Try Purely Elizabeth’s Gluten Free muffin mixes (which are also vegan-friendly). Choose from maple, apple and chocolate flavored organic baking mixes which use real, organic ingredients.

No synthetic apple flavors will ever grace your lips. Need a gluten-free cake for a birthday? Wholesome Chow offers a huge variety of organic mixes for cakes that you can whip up and decorate with your favorite icing.

If it is organic, do not panic. These organic mixes are perfect for last minute guests, hurried breakfasts or simply for that day that you just cannot wait to have a fresh-baked cookie. Enjoy!