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Organic Medicinal Tea


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At PristinePlanet.com, we offer a fine selection of organic medicinal tea products. Teas and herbal infusions have long been part of systems of traditional medicine, as they are not just capable of producing effects, but are also calming and soothing. Of course, you donít have to be sick to want to drink teas with extra effects.

For those who want a little of everything, the assorted medicinal tea sampler from eSutras contains 10 different teas in loose-leaf form, packed in tins. These are 100% made in the USA, and also USDA Certified Organic. Some of the teas in this sampler include Immuni Tea, Easy Sleep Tea, Energize Tea, and Defense Tea. Not only do these teas have different effects, they also have different flavors so you can enjoy different experiences.

Our featured Pu-erh Ginger Organic Rishi Medicinal Tea Leaves is available in a 3.8 oz size, packed into a reusable tin. Pu-erh is a Chinese tea that is believed to refresh and warm the body, and also draws out toxins from fatty foods to help maintain oneís shape and health. This pungent and rich tea is complemented by ginger, and the resulting flavor bears similarities with oranges Ė making this drink an energizing and stimulating one. This is also a fair-trade product.

We also have a simple mint tea, which is perfect for a pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon. Mint is also a natural digestive, which means you can brew up a cup to help that heavy lunch or dinner go down more easily.

One line of organic medicinal tea products seeks to help mothers with their needs. From producing more breast milk to easing monthly pains as menstruation returns and hastening the return of the uterus to its original size, these teas are perfect for mothers on the path of recovery.