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Organic Marshmallows


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Organic Marshmallows / Plush Puffs Marshmallows

Have a craving for something sweet and fluffy? Few people can resist the pull of wonderfully plump and pleasingly decadent organic marshmallows. Whether lightly toasted on the end of a stick or smushed together with graham crackers and a lining of chocolate, organic marshmallows are an undeniable treat for both young and old alike.

What makes these sweet treats from Pristine Planet even more special is that they are 100% organic marshmallows making them healthy snacks without the guilt. Experience the difference of marshmallows made only from the most premium and highest quality ingredients. You will not be able to eat only one!

Choose from the delectable flavors of gourmet marshmallows from Pristine Planet. You have the widest choice from all kinds of fun and tasty dessert selections. There are the wonderfully plush puffs made with 100% coconut oil extracted from real coconuts. This fresh and nutty flavor is sure to drive anyone loco. Imagine popping one of these plush puffs marshmallows into your mouth.

You can even avail for yourself a plush puffs coupon by visiting the site and getting incredible deals on your next sweet treat. Spending a weekend in cold weather? Beat the blues by preparing a cup of hot organic chocolate and popping in some of these very special marshmallows that simply melt in the mouth.

Plush puffs tasty treats are one in a million. There are simply no other snack that comes close to these specially made all natural chewy candies. They are made to delight and satisfy and vegans have nothing to worry about since every puff is made entirely from all natural ingredients. So there is no guilt and no worry. Only pure unadulterated tasty fun with every piece popped into the mouth or held over the fire.

You can any of these yummy organic marshmallows in a steamy cup of organic hot chocolate or make some incredible vegan Rice Krispies Treats. However you use these amazing flavored marshmallows, you'll likely be coming back for more.