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Natural Lipstick


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If the eyes are the most expressive part of one's face, maybe the lips are the most sensual and all the more kissable when natural lipstick has been applied.

Lips that have gone dry just need a slow sweep of moisturizing lipstick, and they are sure to look as lush as ever. Moisturizing lipsticks come in beautiful renewable casings and are available in five lovely shades: almond frost, sheer gloss, sunny coral, warm burnt, and wild rose.

Sometimes, the color of your cruelty free lipstick will also reveal a clue or two about your innermost personality. Of course, it can also be the other way around and you can use your organic lipstick as a way of letting the world know what kind of woman you are. With the empowered natural lipstick, you get to choose from fun shades like dark, dramatic, vampy in all the good ways and deep dark creamy burgundy.

With celestial natural lipstick, you can be the very woman men are dreaming of. Your lips will look and feel like an angel with this lipstick's cool and shimmery pink tone. It also comes with a complimentary lip liner.

Now, how do you feel about a truly natural lipstick that heals like a lip balm but has the glamour that only an exquisite lipstick can bring? Well, that is exactly what you get from this truly natural lipstick. It also has a paraben-free formula and is available in shades of Tuscany, romance, seduction, Cherokee, and dream.

Finally, one should not forget to check out organic lip liners as well. These lip liners feature a unique but delicious blend of jojoba and cocoa butter that will ensure the shape of your lips are perfectly outlined. They are available in exotically named shades like fantasy, charisma, island spice, perfection, and zen.

Natural lipstick allows you to look simply gorgeous without having all the chemicals right there on your lips. As you eat, drink or lick your lips, the lipstick that is on your lips slowly makes it's way into your mouth. Choosing natural lipstick means you can keep those chemicals out of there.