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Eco Friendly Youth Apparel


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One of the best ways to get kids to appreciate the value of going organic is with their clothing. What better way to be constantly reminded of Mother Nature’s bounty than being caressed by it at every moment? Here at Pristine Planet we bring you a great selection of organic clothing for kids.

When it comes to organic kids clothes, you will most likely want to start looking for shirts first. Choose from designs and prints for both boys and girls! These cute shirts are great for running and playing in, or even sleeping in, if it comes to that. We also have thermal shirts, which are great for those colder months.

While we‘re on the topic of sleep, you may want to examine the array of pajamas we have on offer. They’re so comfortable that you might have trouble getting kids to change out of them!

Of course, we would be remiss to not mention the variety of kids pants available here. Shoes and sandals are also featured here. Now that covers everything from top to bottom.

Organic clothing for kids is also less likely to cause skin irritation, especially when new. New clothes made of non-organic cotton may cause skin irritation by residues of chlorine, which is used to bleach the cotton. After a few washes the problem will go away – but why put up with it?

Another thing about the organic kids clothes featured on this page – they are sweatshop free. Sweatshops are basically factories with grossly underpaid workers, often working in horrid conditions. Unethical businessmen make use of these cheap labor forces to drive their profit margin up. When you buy these clothes, you can rest assured that the manufacturing process was fair and that people are remunerated properly.

When it comes to organic kids clothing, Pristine Planet does not disappoint.