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Organic Jelly And Preserves


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Make your mornings brighter with a piece of toast and some organic jelly. Have some fig for breakfast. The jam is made from organic sugar, grand marnier and figs. It is perfect to have along with English muffins, toast, biscuits, as thumbprint cookie filling or served with some cheese. The jam is packed in reusable pint jars. The toppers have magazine pages on them. A green lifestyle starts with what you eat.

Have some delicious and sophisticated organic jam. One is made with Australian Shiraz wine and some wild blackberries grown in Michigan in a 9.5 oz jar. The combination results in an aromatic and classy tasting result. Each jar is lovingly made with organic cane juice, organic grape-made Shiraz wine, organic lemon juice and organic blackberries.

Handmade marmalade organic preserves are sure to make your morning sweeter. Only Napa farmhouse organic sugar Meyer lemons are used. The set includes two jars of 7 oz each. It makes the perfect gift for jam loving friends. Each jar is made with absolutely no pectin. Only organic sugar, Meyer lemon and some sea salt goes into each jar of marmalade. It's certified all natural.

Have some chutney made with apple and peach. It is sweet, spicy and savory. It is best combined with cheese, meat and makes the best burger topper. It is all natural Chutney that you can eat right from its jar, it is that good. The well balanced spicy and sweet flavors are just right. It is made from all natural ingredients and uses no fillers, emulsifiers or gums. Each product bought donates an amount to educational causes.

For a luscious treat, try a mixture of blackberries and cherries along with the taste of clove and sage. This preserve bursts with different flavors and is perfect with roast beef, goose or lamb. It is also very compatible with muffins, popovers or some Brie. The jam is aromatic and only a little is needed to provide a big taste. It is said to have a multi-layered taste.

There's almost nothing better than a piece of toast with some home made preserves on it. A jar full of organic jelly can really brighten a morning. Enjoy this large selection o organic jams, jellies and organic preserves. You'll love them so much you'll want to try them all.