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Organic Herbs And Spices


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Herbs add delicious flavor to your dishes, without added fat or sodium. If you love to cook, or know someone who does, Pristine Planet has a plethora of organic herbs and spices to add to your pantry. Herbs lend aroma and flavor to any dish, are exceptionally healthy and when you buy organic, you double the healthy value of your herbs.

Many commercially grown herbs are sprayed with chemicals and pesticides to make them grow larger and fuller. Some are dried using processes that use additives and other harmful chemicals. Our organic herbs and spices are grown, harvested and packed without the aid of chemicals. If you grow your own herbs, this is a wonderful way to get seeds for herbs that may not be seasonal in your area.

Buy organic herbs in bulk to maximize your dollar. Herbs are easy to dry and store, they last for months while keeping their flavor and intensity intact.

Mountain Rose Herbs offer bulk organic herbs and spices for culinary and medicinal needs. Their herbs are certified organic, kosher, hand grown and hand processed. You can also buy organic seaweed in bulk to use in gelatin and other cooking.

We also offer the Mixed Herb Bucket by Potting Shed Creations, a fun way to grow your own cooking herbs in an attractive bucket that you can put anywhere. These make for great gifts for the avid gardener and are a wonderful starter kit for anyone interesting in growing their own organic herbs and spices.

Also try Chef Tommís herbal blends. Choose from Sage Sea Salt and Bacon, Sun Dried Tomato and Fresh Rosemary Sea Salt, Basil and Lemongrass or Black Truffle and Fresh Thyme to enhance the flavor of your meals either while cooking or at the dinner table. Sea salt brings an incomparable zesty essence to your food.

At Pristine Planet, we give you the best options when it comes to your herbs and spices.