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Feminine Wash


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Feminine Wash

For any woman, feminine wash is a must for keeping oneself smelling and feeling clean.

Feminine wash is made to be gentle to the sensitive tissues. This means that the pH of the wash is close to the pH of the same sensitive tissue. This similarity in acidity / alkalinity means that there won't be much of a reaction, so it does not sting, but still gets the job done.

When a girl starts becoming a woman, she will need a girl wash. pH can vary with age, so that also means that, for the best results, a specific formulation is required.

You may be able to use an intimate wash at home, but what about those times you are out of your home? Feminine wipes can be your best friend. These do not have alcohol so they won't sting like some wet wipes not intended for the same purpose. Get yourself clean and feeling fresh with these.

There are also feminine wipes that are safe to flush. These are made of materials that can break down easily when submerged in water, and yet are sturdy enough to withstand use. These are great for keeping in your bag for use at any time. It is a better alternative to dry, rough toilet paper to say the least.

On another note, you can use a vaginal balm that lubricates and soothes the vagina. This balm can also be used on the belly to help reduce stretchmarks during and after pregnancy. It can also be applied to the breasts to maintain skin elasticity and suppleness.

Keeping all of your body feeling fresh and healthy, and these feminine wash products will help you do just that in your most delicate of areas. Organic feminine wash, feminine wipes and more keep you soft, clean and fresh.