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Natural Feminine Hygiene


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Natural Feminine Hygiene

When it comes to feminine hygiene, the use of natural and safe protects is still the best choice you can make to care for the most sensitive area of your body. To respond to the unique needs of our female shoppers, take a look at this full line of natural feminine hygiene products that are manufactured using the finest quality materials in its most natural form. This selection of natural and organic feminine hygiene brands from the leading manufacturers in the market today.

Natracare Feminine Wipes is a must-have for teens and women, most especially if on the go and when constantly traveling. Make sure you stay clean and fresh all day using the most delicate organic cotton and plant extracts of chamomile and calendula. These wipes do not contain any synthetic preservatives and have been certified paraben-free and chlorine-free so it's safe to use several times a day.

For that time of the month, we also carry an organic line Lunapads Pad & Liner Set, an ideal replacement for those commercial pads and tampons. Constructed using 100% organic cotton, it is ultra soft and absorbent to you can confidently use it even on heavy days. The kit comes with different pads that you can interchangeably use depending on the flow to give you the best coverage and protection all day long.

If you are looking for some soothing or healing salve, the Belly and vaginal Balm is a great choice and has been known to be especially ideal for pregnant women. It is formulated to lubricate your private areas as well as its surrounding tissues. It can also be applied on the breast and belly area to maintain the elasticity of the skin during pregnancy to prevent the formation of stretch marks. With is soothing chamomile scent, this balm is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic and safe enough to be used on infants.

When you're using feminine hygiene products, they get pretty close to you. Make sure your feminine hygiene products are eco friendly and organic. Natural and organic feminine hygiene products allow you to control and reduce the amount of chemicals your body comes in contact with.