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Natural & Organic Facial Scrubs


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Natural and Organic Facial Scrubs

When it comes to cleansing and purifying your face, a natural facial scrub can get your skin looking fresh, clean and beautiful. Organic facial scrubs can help to remove dirt oil and makeup without the harsh unnecessary chemicals of other face washes.

The facial scrub with an exotic blend of Indian herbs can help you to be beautifully glowing. It contains Moroccan clay as well as traditional herbal treatments. Clay is a fantastic mineral for the skin as it helps to cleanse, purify, remove oil, exfoliate and nourish the skin. This scrub also contains fenugreek seeds which have been found to be anti-inflammatory and may also soothe irritated skin.

Another extraordinary natural face scrub is the pineapple enzyme scrub. This exfoliating scrub is free of soap and contains aloe vera, awapuhi, and extract from pineapple and papaya. These fruit extracts actually work to cleanse your skin while keeping it beautifully moisturized. Gentle yet powerful, this natural face scrub is the perfect way to remove the outer layer of dead skin and polish the look of your skin.

Have you ever tried a natural salt scrub for your face? The gentle Himalayan salt scrub is combined with jojoba oil to nourish and beautify your skin. Dead skin cells are sloughed away, revealing soft, smooth looking skin. Another organic facial scrub to consider is the scrub with carrot seed oil. This natural and organic scrub also contains cucumber juice, tomato powder and avocado butter to create a smooth, soft looking complexion. Soothing jasmine green tea is added to provide calm to the skin.

Lastly, consider trying a scrub with ingredients found right in your own kitchen. The oatmeal and yogurt facial scrub is great for exfoliating to reveal fresh, smoothing looking skin. Oatmeal helps to exfoliate while the yogurt is a fantastic peel.

You want your face as healthy as possible, and these natural and organic facial scrubs are just the ticket to getting your skin looking it's best. When you're cleaning your skin you certainly don't want to expose it to unwanted chemicals that could be potentially bad for your skin, so choosing organic face scrubs is really the best option.

Comments for Natural & Organic Facial Scrubs

My skin is not bad to start with, but if you want to keep your skin flawless, please try this product. I noticed the ingredients first-it has white oak bark in it. It keeps my skin soft to the touch. Not a harsh scrub, but very affective. I love the softness and natural glow of my skin after using it.

Loved this! Makes your skin feel nice and soft without being to abrasive.

After the first use my skin felt amazingly clean. This scrub leaves my face feeling as soft and firm as it did 40 years ago.