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Organic & Natural Face Lotions


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Natural and Organic Face Lotions

Get your skin back in shape with Blemish Buster, enriched with organic acne busting ingredients. This great organic face lotion is formulated with the kernel extract of Argania Spinosa to help regulate the oil produced on sensitive faces. It is infused with green tea extract which is known to clarify, tone and beautify the skin. Green tea is loaded with anti inflammatory properties and antioxidants known to combat skin problems.

Aromatherapy All-Outdoors Mist is an anti-bug spray that is 100% natural and DEET-free. It is not tested on animals, is paraben-free and very effective. Use it against battles with outdoor pests such as bugs, mosquitoes, ants and other intruders. Children may use this spray as it is safe and made with no chemicals or toxic ingredients. It is clean-smelling, fresh and can be applied on clothes and on the body. It is made with insect repelling essential oils such as lemongrass that are effective against pests.

Try the all natural Rejuvenating Face Oil made with oils derived from nature. Keep skin moisture rich and dehydrated all day with its' unique qualities. The rejuvenating face product contains Kukui nut oil which brings smoothness, comfort and elasticity to tired skin. Treat skin problems with Sacred Indian Sandalwood moisturizer. It is made with all natural ingredients which make it ideal for sensitive skin.

The sandalwood moisturizer brings back lost moisture and nourishes different skin types. It's all natural ingredients make it an excellent face lotion for skin problems like acne. It is also used to help keep wrinkles away. For hydrating skin, use Have a Fine Day Chardonnay Hydrator made with Chardonnay white grape seed extract. It provides moisture, smoothness and a gentle lifting action to your skin.

Organic face lotion is an important part of your daily routine. Using organic skin lotion means you'll be exposing your skin to less toxins each day. Get your facial day and night creams, moisturizers and other organic creams that can really give your skin what it needs, without all that other junk.

Comments for Organic & Natural Face Lotions

For the past four days I have been suffering from a chemical burn to my face (due to an allergic reaction from an over the counter lotion that I purchased from Target). As a result my skin was very red, dry, cracked and it burned terribly if I tried to put anything on it. The only thing that I could put on my face was Aloe Vera . I just received your lotion (Light Day Face Lotion). I applied it immediately. I waited in fear thinking my face would start burning upon application, but it never did. This is the first time I have used your product, but I will definately be ordering more in the future. Thank you, Christina (Olathe, Kansas)

Thank you so much for your wonderful products. A few years ago, I really started to pay attention to what I was using on my body and wanted to go with natural products as much as possible. But, I found that some irritated my skin; many others were very expensive. Your products that I've tried so far have been winners! I have acne-prone shin, even though I am in my forties. I apply your small rain face lotion when I go to bed at night, and it is the first product I've used with oil that doesn't make me break out! The moisture is wonderful... You sent me a sample of chamomile toner with my order, and as a result, I have ordered that as well - love it. I just ordered your liquid soap, shampoo and some lip balms, and I look forward to trying these, too. Thanks again for some great affordable alternatives to what local merchants have to offer. -Vicki

I have recently begun using the Light Day Face Lotion, and can't say enough good things about it! It has a wonderful, light consistency, and a beautiful natural fragerance from the organic ingredients and essential oils. Just a drop covers my face, and the result is a soothing softness, and evening of skin tones. The result is visible almost immediately, and it feels so good! Thank you for a most wonderful face lotion! I love it!

The face lotion for day and the night cream are awesome - they leave your face feeling moisturized without feeling greasy.

This is my favorite organic skin care product ever! I love the delicious grapefruit and neroli smell and my skin has never felt and looked better. I highly recommend their products, particularly this one!

This is a WONDERFUL face cream. It feels light, is greaseless, odorless and firms my skin. I highly recommend this product.