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Natural & Organic Fabrics


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Natural & Organic Fabrics

Organic Fabric is the best choice for those DIY projects if you're looking for sustainable, durable and eco friendly materials to complement your green lifestyle without restricting your creative choices and options.

Create classy or rustic bedding and draperies using Organic Cotton Fabric with beautiful and unique patterns with unique names such as Pali-Mid Putty, Kali-Rouge or Khari-Straw among others. These fabrics are certified organic and made from cotton and printed with low-impact dyes. All organic cotton fabrics are made without the use of pesticides and harmful toxins so you can adorn your home in these plush textiles without worrying about unwanted chemicals coming in contact with human skin.

Use the cotton sateen Organic Cloth with a 230 thread count for your quilting or sheeting project. The cotton used to create this dreamy fabric was not treated with pesticides and herbicides and follows sustainable farming practices. The beautiful and natural color enhances the mood in any room and you'll have no trouble manipulating the cloth to follow your designs as this cotton sateen is extremely easy to work with.

You can also use eco wool batting as stuffing for your pillows and beddings, toys or other felted projects. This extremely soft and luxurious fabric was produced without the use of harmful chemicals which makes the wool batting not only softer but also safe for frequent contact with the most sensitive of skins. No chemical treatments also make this an ideal fabric choice for those with allergies and other sensitivities.

Purchasing eco wool batting not only provides for your DIY projects, it also sustains and supports small family-owned farms all over the USA. You can also purchase scrap wool for smaller projects while maintaining your green theme and lifestyle.

Creating a new project and need some eco friendly organic fabric? Check out the organic cotton fabric, eco wool batting and organic cotton sateen fabric on the Pristine Planet. Make your next project green with organic fabrics.