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Easter is the rare type of holiday that means a lot of different things to different people. For the devout, Easter holidays are a time for celebration after a week of Lenten repentance. Kids, on the other hand, see Easter as that unique fun holiday that lets them test their detective skills as they search for Easter eggs.

No matter which way you look at it, however, Easter is just as jolly a season as Christmas, and you can make this holiday more fun for your loved ones when you surprise them with a lovely organic Easter gift.

The words organic and Easter may not always be used in one sentence, but here at Pristine Planet, we like to make the impossible possible and what is never known as environmentally friendly to be known as nature’s best friend.

We have a wide array of eco Easter gifts for you to choose from, and they are perfect for all ages no matter what religion, culture, or gender they belong to.

Pretty little girls looking for another playmate to enjoy teatime would definitely appreciate Victoria The Bunny as their surprise organic Easter Gift. This plush pink baby toy from Miyim is made of all natural and organically produced materials and comes with a lovely white hemp dress.

For your more devout friends, you will surely be included in their thanksgiving prayers when you give them a Wall Sculpture Crucifix that is handcrafted by artist Henry Harvey himself. And since it is made of recycled materials, this lovely crucifix will keep you from sinning against the environment as well.

And if you are ending Easter with a romantic dinner, consider gifting your partner with the ultimate piece de resistance - a box of Organic Chocolate Squares, which features a delightful mix of solid milk and dark chocolates.

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