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Organic Dried Fruit


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Fruits are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals, and are easy to digest. Dried fruits are excellent for those with the munchies, and here at PristinePlanet.com we happily provide for those cravings. Our selection of organic dried fruit snacks is sure to set your mouth watering.

One of our most popular dried fruit snack products is the Matt’s Munchies line. Despite the rather strange sounding name “Fruit Leathers”, these snacks are delicious and made to high standards. These are proudly handmade in the USA. They are Kosher Parve and also certified vegan, so you can munch away without worries. These are also made without gluten, nuts, or eggs. Flavors include the tropical Island Mango, rich Choco-Nana, peppy Raspberry Delight, quirky Ginger Spice, classic Banana, unusual (but good) Chili Chocolate, and nostalgia-inducing Apple Pie.

For those who don’t mind taking their time when snacking on organic dried fruit, Little Duck Organics’ Tiny Fruits line is the perfect choice. These snacks are tiny nibbles made with real fruit, and also good for adding fiber into one’s diet. Certified organic, non-GMO ingredients were used to make this quality snack.

One less-common item we have on offer is the wonderful Cherry, Blackberry, Sage and Clove Anytime Spreadable fruit – an organic fruit preserve from SchoolHouse Kitchen. Not just a jam or compote, but a multi-layered experience that goes as well as a sweet dessert or on top of toast as it does as a dressing for roasted meats.

For dried fruit snack bars and fruit segments, our selection of organic products is worth reviewing and coming back to time and again. We take out the challenge of finding good brands and present an array that is sure to please and provide maximum nutritional value as well. Remember to snack in moderation – these are so delicious, it is hard to stop!