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Eco Friendly And Organic Dolls


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If you are looking for a cool gift for a special little girl, check out this wide selection of organic doll ideas. The Plan Toys grandmother doll for wooden dollhouse is made with arms and legs which are movable. She also comes with accessories: a pair of eyeglasses and a pretty dress. The grandmother doll makes a perfect addition to any dollhouse or simply to have around as a separate doll. Her body is wooden but the legs are bendable so that you can make her sit down on a toy chair.

For an eco friendly treat for your little girl, the Clean Air Kate eco friendly fabric doll is a friend of the earth. She is made out of all recycled materials that are both durable and soft to hold. The thick hair of the doll is made from pure organic cotton. The clothes of the clean air Kate doll are made from eco fibers that are recycled or organic. The skin of the doll is made from hemp fiber that is durable and the doll is stuffed with material made from plastic containers that are 100% recycled.

The Earth Friends Jayden doll comes with adorable accessories. She has a backpack which contains a tree planting kit with tree seeds and planting instructions. The kit also has magic plant-and-grow coconut pellets in it. The tree planting is an excellent way to teach your kids about the importance of growing trees to provide fresh air and provide homes for animals. The doll is handmade in the USA and made from assorted organic and recycled fabrics.

The Miyim good earth fairy doll can delight any kid who plays with her. She is made of earth-friendly materials and is safe for your little girl to hug and to hold. She has wings made out of velvety material that is fun to play with and eco-friendly. The fairy doll has hair made of yarn and the cotton it is made with is 100% unbleached.

These eco friendly dolls are adorable. Organic baby dolls make a great gift and are so cute you'll want to buy one for every little girl you know. From Planet Pixies to Mayan Dolls you'll find an eco friendly doll for your little one she'll love for years to come.

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The Mama'nBaby set is wonderful. It is available in a skin tone to match whatever mom/child you wish. Finally a child can have a baby in a sling, just the way their own mom carries them. Carefully sewn, subtle patterns, cuddly and charming. My daughter and her friends love them for their toddlers.