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Organic Dog Treats


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Your dog deserves the healthiest, tastiest treats around. Here at Pristine Planet, we know you choose the best dog food, keep your pet healthy with exercise and shower them with love. They will love our selection of organic dog treats you will have to hide them in the top shelf!

Organic dog treats are made with certified organic ingredients and contain none of the preservatives or harmful additives that conventional dog treats have. Although the label may say that is chicken, beef or vegetable, sometimes the ingredients listed are so unpronounceable you might as well be feeding your pet junk.

Our made in the USA dog treats are made from 100% natural goodness, so all your pet gets with each treat is a yummy, healthy snack. The Organic Hound Company makes certified organic dog treats with no fillers, artificial ingredients or preservatives. Each batch is baked, crispy and delicious. Try the Pumpkin Ginger, Butter Flax and Grain Free Beef Heart flavors.

Our all natural dog treats can also help keep your dog as healthy as they can be. Pet Natural’s vitamin chews are full of essential nutrients. Natural Breath Chews keep their breath nice and fresh while the Daily Best Chews give them daily essential nutrients. Try their Skin and Coat chews to give your pet a shiny, beautiful coat.

We also love Freezy Pup’s frozen all natural dog treats—perfect for a dog that needs to cool down on a hot day. The Freezy pup kit lets you make natural dog treats right in your own fridge. Check out the White Cheddar Cheese, Juicy Apple and Chicken Soup flavors—you dog will go nuts for them.

All our organic dog treats are made by companies who love your pets as much as you do. You will never find artificial or potentially harmful ingredients here. All our treats are pure, natural and so delicious you might end up eating them yourself.