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Pet Shampoo

Keep your dog clean and "green" with any of these organic dog shampoo ideas. For a quick dose of energy, wash your pet with Organic Eucalyptus Castile Soap. This soap is made with natural Eucalyptus oil which dissolves dirt and adds vitality and life to your tired pet. For a bath time that is relaxing and fun, use Calming Lavender Natural Cat Shampoo & Massage Bath for your pet.

The calming scent relaxes both you and your dog as you spend time washing him. The scent, along with your massage relieves your pet's stress and washes tiredness away. The Shampoo & Massage Bath is gentle on sensitive dry skin, revitalizes your pet's coat and is pH balanced. The calming lavender aroma takes away the stress associated with bath time.

For an environmentally safe bath, use Heavenly Herbal Organic Pet Shampoo which is made from all natural ingredients. It is 100% chemical free, making it an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive skin. The shampoo has a fresh citrusy scent and keeps away fleas and ticks from your pet. The bottle is built in with a handy pump to make bath time convenient.

The perfect gift for your dog or for other dog owners, this soap is shaped like a bone and tied with a Christmas bow. The dog bone is made by a group based in the United States that practices fair trade. It is made from all natural ingredients such as vegetable based white glycerin and contains rosewood, peppermint and lemon scents.

Give your dog the love that he deserves. Use the clean and safe line of fragrance, synthetic, artificial color, paraben and sulfate-free pet shampoo. The dog washing kit comes with a soft coat conditioner, a 2 wash shampoo and a special dog bed freshener. The whole line is sure to keep your pooch smelling fresh and clean.

The eco friendly pet shampoo keeps your pouch looking pretty and smelling great. You want to treat your four legged friends to a clean coat without dousing them in chemicals. These non toxic pet shampoo is better for your pet and the earth.

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Olive organic Bubble + Squeak Dog Shampoo is excellent!--lathers and cleans well, smells great and no worries about harsh sulfates, phthalates or parabens. Priced fair too. Four paws up!