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Organic & Fair Trade Women's Jeans


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Women's Jeans

If you are looking for premium quality organic jeans, we have an amazing online collection to respond to every possible preference and style requirement.

One of the standout pieces is the Angelrox Wide Leg Trouser Jeans that features a striking angel wing design on the back pockets. Made of a stretchy material and a mesh waistband, it fits your body like a glove. In fact, you will be happy to know that with its fine quality stretch material, you can even wear it during pregnancy, as it is designed to fully adjust and accommodate the changes of your body through the years.

Another great piece is the Pierce Jeans Kenya Straight Leg, which is easily one of the best fair trade jeans available today. These organic cotton jeans feature signature colored stitching you can find in its back pocket. Dress it up for a night around town or tone it down for a regular day. You will be happy to know that half of the sale proceeds of these jeans are actually donated to the charities that specifically focus on feeding the starving children countries struck by poverty.

If you are looking to invest in a sensible and durable pair of jeans, the Good Society Jeans Women's Slim provides a great option. It features a tapered bottom for a more flattering fit. Following the concept of lesser stretch but more structure, this pair showcases the skillful craftsmanship that best showcases the beauty and appeal of organic cotton jeans to its full advantage. All jeans were dyed naturally so you can be sure no harsh chemicals were used during its production.

Organic Cotton jeans that look as good as your designer jeans, but you'll feel better about wearing. Made with organic cotton denim. Fair Trade and organic cotton jeans will liven up your life and give you a great way to show that you care for people and the earth.