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Keep your cuddly companions close to you with this eco-friendly selection of cat and dog harnesses. Try collars that are made out of 100% hemp material with a plain weave of 18.5 oz. Choose from two sizes, the large (1 inch) which adjusts from 20 inches to 28 inches. The medium size is at of an inch and adjusts from 14 inches to 20 inches. Matching hemp leashes are also available.

For your cat, a rainbow cat collar is a great way to keep him rightfully yours. It is fully adjustable and made of durable material. The collar comes with an identification tag to keep him from getting lost. Need to remove the collar in a jiffy? It comes with an easy breakaway clasp to lessen the hassle. It is designed to fit most cat sizes with its adjustable hoops. The product is made with compliance fair trade practices from Guatemala.

Take your dog for a walk with a specially woven Jacquard leash. The leash has a unique and stylish Scandinavian design and is made from recycled plastic materials. It even has a ring where you can attach your bag dispenser to. The leashes are washing machine safe and are available in a wide variety of colors.

Dress up your dog with fully adjustable hemp collars that feature extra durable triple layer 100% hemp-made canvas. The collars are made with the highest quality and features quick release hardware. The designs are stylish and distinctive and are hypoallergenic, allowing your dog's skin to breathe easily. The collars are safe for washing machine and dryer use.

For a polished look for your dog, fit him with a Jacquard woven pattern collar. Enjoy its Hindi-urban design that is inspired by the Taj Mahal. It is made with 100% recycled plastic materials and is not made with any petroleum. The buckle is also fashioned out of 100% recycled plastic material designed to fit well to your pet's shape.

Eco friendly cat and dog collars and leashes are an easy way to help your four legged friends go green with you. Hemp dog collars and rainbow cat collars, whatever your needs, you'll find eco friendly collars and leashes that will work for your dogs and cats.