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Eco Friendly Apparel

Eco fashion has become widely popular these days, with more and more people adopting a more sustainable, earth-friendly lifestyle. If you are looking for some clothing pieces that satisfy both form and function, then feast your eyes on our stylish collection of natural, organic, fair trade clothing and accessories.

Promote ecological awareness the trendy way with our 100% Organic Cotton T Shirt, especially designed for men. This shirt is made of natural fibers with a socially responsible message emblazoned on the chest area. Walk proudly on the streets and let people know you support eco friendly clothes. Who knows, you might just inspire other people to be more earth conscious.

Another great item is the Elroy Wisteria Dress that features a v-neckline, draped side pocket and rounded shoulders. It is made of 5% spandex and 95% organic cotton, manufactured from Indonesia. This dress is also available in origami bird print design. For women's intimate wear, you naturally want the safest and most natural material to touch your skin. We have the Boy Cut underwear that is latex free and no side seams to ensure maximum comfort. It is made of 92% organic cotton and 8% Lycra.

When it comes to eco-friendly apparel, do not limit your choices to clothes. We also have a number of fashionable bags for you to choose from. If you are a dog lover by nature, then the Happy Dog Bag is perfect for you. Whether you are off to the park with your pooch or just around the corner to your favorite grocer, it is always practical to carry a reusable bag to replace plastic bags. It is lightweight and waterproof with reinforced seams, so you can be sure it's durable enough to carry your load.

When it comes to organic, fair trade & eco friendly clothes and bags, Pristine Planet takes the lead in providing you only the very best selections.

Find fair trade apparel and organic cotton clothes at Pristine Planet's. Choosing fair trade apparel and organic cotton clothes helps to better the world through fair wages and fewer chemicals in the world (and next to your skin). These clothes will really make you feel good.