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Natural & Organic Health & Beauty Products


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Natural and Organic Health and Beauty Products

Make the switch to natural beauty products and natural health products made from ingredients that are good for you and for the planet!

For those warm showers after a hard day's work, use Avalon Organics Lemon Verbena shower gel that effectively and naturally clarifies and revitalizes the skin. The potent combination of organic hydrosol and the lemons' natural properties soothes and relieves not only tired skin but also the weary mind and spirit.

Not in the mood for something citrusy? Then go for the Sensual Organic and Ecological Shower Gel from Druide which combines warm spices with the sweetness of ylang ylang sap for an exceptionally stimulating shower experience. This shower gel also contains effective aromatherapy properties from ingredients like ginger and cinnamon.

For those days when you're feeling under the weather, use the Naturade Expec Herbal Expectorant to relieve clogged sinuses due to colds and other irritants. For sore throats, try the Natra Bio Sore Throat Spray to make swallowing and ingesting easier for you. Right after, you can spray on Herbal Cool on your aching joints and muscles for an instant dose of relief.

For your hair, choose organic beauty products such as Nature's Gate Asian Pear Shampoo and the Italian Red Grape Desert Essence Shampoo by Best Organic. Both products protect and nourish dry, damaged and color-treated hair to give your mane a healthy and natural luster and a fruity and seductive scent. Nature's Gate and Best Organic's shampoos do not contain harmful chemicals and toxins.

Natural beauty products keep toxins out of your body. Sick of putting chemicals on your body? Natural and organic health and beauty supplies can help you reduce your toxic chemical intake. Have you ready the labels on your beauty products lately. Some of them can be down right scary. Choose Natural and organic health & beauty supplies so you know what's in your products.