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Baby Socks

Keep your baby's feet protected with baby socks made from all natural materials and now you can get very colorful organic cotton baby socks. They are soft on delicate skin and come in cool colors. Choose between packs of threes: bright yellow, primary red and rich blue or bright pink, cool mint and deep purple. Each pair of these organic cotton baby socks is made from certified organic cotton blended with lycra, elastic and nylon. The basic socks can be worn rolled up to protect your baby’s legs or cuffed.

Keep those baby feet dry and comfortable with bamboo baby socks made from organic bamboo material blended with lycra. They are soft and naturally cushy with a little bit of stretch for a nice and snug fit. The socks come in many different colors to match your baby's changing outfits. The fabric used to make these socks are free from formaldehyde and chlorine. They are made in a sweatshop-free environment and with fair trade policies. The bamboo socks are cozy and comfortable.

For extra warmth and protection, natural organic arm and leg warmers are the perfect solution. The leg warmers are made with organic cotton, spandex and nylon. The whole family can use the leg warmers for protection at any time of the year. It comes in natural colors of auburn, brown, white and olive green. All of the dyes used in making the leg warmers are safe and toxic free.

The baby socks come in cuffed and anklet sizes for the right amount of coverage. The socks come in basic white to match any outfit and are made out of pure organic cotton. You get two pairs of these cuddly soft baby socks per pack. For the more adventurous types, you can order the socks in tie-dyed and colored variety.

Keep your baby's feet nice and dry with the organic baby socks made from organic bamboo. The special material ensures that the socks stay snugly fit on little baby feet. The material is cuddly soft with just the right amount of stretch to keep feet happy. The makers of the socks practice fair trade policies in a safe and clean workplace.

Who doesn't love a cute little baby feet. But sometimes cute little baby feet need cute little baby socks. And shouldn't those baby socks be made from the best and safest materials for your baby. Choose one of these organic baby socks and you'll rest assured your baby has had the amount of chemicals in it's life reduced a smidge.