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Organic Cotton Baby Slings & Wraps


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Natural and Organic Baby Slings

Put your baby in organic baby slings from this collection. Try out the Moby Wrap which has a versatile and simple design that fits any wearer. It has award-wining benefits is made from 100% pure and organic cotton and is the perfect fit for you and your baby.

The Moby Wrap Organic Cotton Baby Wrap Beautiful Life Design is printed on 100% certified organic and EKO certified cotton. It is made for the Pregnancy Awareness Month, launched with the goal of empowering pregnant women. These baby wraps are made with an eggplant trim and a cheerful design on a coconut colored wrap.

A batik cotton baby sling keeps your baby tucked close to you. Your baby will be kept safe to ride and swaddle wherever mommy goes. It can be given as a unique and thoughtful gift to an expectant wife, friend, or sister, paired up with a batik cotton diaper bag. These items are handmade by women and girls from Global Mamas, a sustainable livelihood cooperative in Ghana.

Lullaby Organics non toxic baby sling is made from all organic materials making it safe for your baby and the environment. The sling is the perfect addition to a happy and healthy home. It is made from 100% soft and comfortable cotton with a solid and polished O-ring that allows it to close. There is also a handy pocket near the end of the sling for stashing little necessities for you or your baby.

The Taylor Made Organic Mesh Ring Sling is the ideal way to wrap your baby closer. Designed by a stay at home and experienced baby-wearing mom. It gives moms and babies convenience, comfort, quality and strength. These baby slings make thoughtful and unique gifts.

Find the best organic baby sling for your little one. Baby slings include hemp baby slings and organic mei tai carriers. When you use a baby sling, both you and your baby both spend a lot of time with your skin against the fabric. Make sure yours is an organic baby sling.