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Organic Baby Sets


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We at Pristine Planet know that organic cotton baby products are best for sensitive baby skin. Going pesticide-free and using natural, 100% organic products will help prevent allergies. We know that sensitive baby skin can react to harsh chemicals or materials, which is why you probably already choose the best quality shampoos and soap for your child.

The reason choosing organic baby outfits is so important is because your baby’s skin is not only softer, it is naturally more porous and tends to absorb more chemicals and toxins than an adults. It is important to protect this fragility and you can do so by choosing clothes made from organic material.

Baby clothes are a thoughtful gift for the earth conscious mommy or daddy who wants to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible. You will never go wrong with these beautifully made products as baby or shower gifts.

Our organic baby sets like the Babies’ Organic Full B Gift Set swaddle your newborn in certified organic goodness. Not only is it more earth friendly, it makes a beautiful addition to any newborn’s wardrobe.

For older children, choose a beautifully printed outfit like those of Little Lark, which pride themselves on unique and earth-friendly designs. Garden Fun’s charming spring themed print bodysuits are also a hit; you will never hear the end of “Your baby is soooo cute!”

Our products give you a wide range of styles for all organic cotton baby sets for babies and toddlers of all ages. The only problem you might have is not being able to choose a favorite! We have many versatile, colorful and fun designs that you and your baby will love.

Organic cotton baby outfits are a great investment—and biodegradable too. Forget worrying about your carbon footprint and spend more time enjoying your little one.