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Eco Baby Carriers


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Here at Pristine Planet, we understand the need to go organic in all aspects of life. With most products on the market made from pesticide soaked and chemical-heavy material, we know that parents like you are looking for natural baby carriers. Your baby’s fragile skin can absorb pollutants more, so by going organic, you keep your baby safe from exposure.

Women have been improvising slings like these for hundreds of years, but nowadays we have science backing us up to make safe, comfortable and ergonomic carriers for you and your baby.

For those who prefer front carriers, the Belle Baby Carrier helps distribute your baby’s weight evenly so you can do through daily tasks unencumbered. It is ergonomic and helps develop your baby’s growing spine. Stain resistant and strong fabric guarantees that this sling will last for years.

If you are looking for a traditional style baby wrap, the Classic Bundleboo Organic Baby Carrier combines simplicity of design with landmark sturdiness. It features a safety seat inside the wrap to help keep your baby secure. This eco baby carrier is so versatile. Convert it into 10 different carrying positions, including two that give mommy some privacy when nursing.

The Baby Bjorn Organic Active Carrier provides superior lumbar support for mommy and ergonomic support for baby and is designed for discreet nursing. The ultra-modern design will please the trendy mommy or daddy and the hidden head rest will support your baby’s neck where it needs it most. This natural baby carrier is a triumph of style and design.

All our eco baby carriers are made with 100% organic cotton. You will never need to worry about your baby developing a sudden rash or allergy to the material. They are all guaranteed to make your life a little easier while moving around with your baby.