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Natural & Organic Baby Booties


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Natural & Organic Baby Booties

Keep your little angel's tiny feet warm and comfy with this adorable selection of Natural & Organic Baby Booties made from hemp, recycled fleece and organic cotton.

Your baby's feet will stay warm and toasty with an easy bootie in different patterns with uppers made from fleece, and insoles and bottom crafted from faux suede with a non-slip tread. The molded insoles are made from 70% recycled materials making this Natural Baby Booties style functional and eco friendly. The pull-on styling ensures that baby's feet stays warm and the booties stay in place even during active moments of crawling or walking.

Light, comfortable and cute are the words that come to mind when describing Organic Baby Booties made from 100% certified organic cotton that is hand-picked and hand-spun without a drop of any chemicals or toxic substances. These organic cotton booties are sure to last until your baby outgrows them and will keep its exceptional softness even after hundreds of washes. There are plenty of colors to choose from that you can use for different seasons and occasions.

Nothing beats Organic Baby Booties to keep your newborn's feet safe from the elements. Organic Baby Booties in an assortment of colors are made from soft interlocked cotton with low-impact and non-toxic dyes perfect for your baby's extra sensitive skin. There are no seams, labels or elastics on any part of the booties so you can rest assured that your baby's feet will stay warm all throughout the day and night without incidences of skin irritation.

It's never too early to be stylish and with the hemp corduroy baby booties, style and comfort goes hand in hand. Made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, your baby's ten little toes will stay warm and comfy.

Check out these organic baby booties, and pick out some so your baby can be as eco fabulous as you. We love the Ducky Booties By Apple Park, wouldn't your little one be adorable with some handmade organic duck feet? Maybe you're looking for a good baby shower gift, then we suggest getting an Organic Cap And Booties Set. Practical, thoughtful and adorable.