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Orange LEDs


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Going green does not necessarily mean that you have to give up traditions. Pristine Planet finds eco friendly materials to help you celebrate your holidays without adding to your carbon footprint.

Our orange LEDs are holiday lights that light up the night without the waste. They last 10 times longer than normal Christmas lights, despite the fact that they use less energy. Each string only uses up to 4 watts of power, generating savings of up to 95% on your Christmas lights alone. Each light is bulb-free, which saves you from checking or replacing them when the holiday rolls around. Use these for your Christmas tree or string them up for Halloween.

Most Christmas lights have a dismal life span, often lasting only two or three seasons despite the manufacturer’s claims. They also tend to burn out (usually in the one spot that is easy to see) and are energy inefficient. If you wonder why your electricity bill jumps up once the holiday season comes, it is probably due to the lights you use.

Save tons of money with our energy efficient orange LEDs. Our Mini-Ice or strawberry shaped orange LED Christmas lights can be used indoors or outdoors. You love the lively colors and flicker free performance. These lights have been used for National Christmas trees in Washington D.C., Denver and Baltimore.

We also offer commercial-grade orange LED Halloween lights with up to 100,000 hours of continuous brightness. These luminous lights are an exceptional light for Christmas but are also perfect for a fantastic Halloween celebration. Our commercial lights are unbreakable, durable and save energy.

Bring in the Christmas cheer with these lovely orange LEDs. You will certainly be happier after the holidays, and never have to dread the post-festivities electric bill. Stop worrying and enjoy your holiday more with our selection of Christmas lights.