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Oolong Teas


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According to most experts, the best way to enjoy the reputed benefits of oolong teas is to drink them as they are meant to be rather than taking them as supplements. If you take the latter option, it is like dating a look-alike of your favorite Hollywood star. It feels good, but it is far from perfect because it is not the real thing.

Here at Pristine Planet, we are not going to waste your time with the next best thing when we can just as easily offer you the real and best of organic oolong tea.

Long-time caffeine drinkers who are thinking of making the big switch can start out with our Assorted Tea Sampler. Prepared especially by eSutras, the kit contains 10 herbal tea samples, with blends such as Energize, Herbal Medley, Nirvana, Immuni, Menís and Womenís, Defense, Easy Sleep, Om Tao, and Karmic Chai.

As you can see, this oolong teas sampler kit is not just designed to suit any set of taste buds. It has also been designed to provide key health benefits that you may be in dire need of right now.

If, however, you already know your way around teas then we also have selections available that feature the most loved flavors for oolong teas. Take for instance our Organic Ginger Peach Oolong Tea, which uses bits of dried peaches and ginger root to add flavor to its oolong leaves. One set contains approximately 38 servings Ė just the right number if you are thinking of holding the first tea party in your neighborhood!

Speaking of tea parties, you should also take the initiative of introducing your family, friends and neighbors to the other delights of oolong teas. Impress them with your refined tastes and knowledge of Eastern teas by serving them a cup of Classic Oolong Tea that is imported all the way from Fujian, China.