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Eco Friendly Sealants


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Natural Sealants

When it comes to ensuring a healthy living space for your family, choose safe and environmentally friendly products such as these non toxic sealants and natural sealant products for your DIY projects.

If you are looking for a non-toxic sand paper replacement block, there is a full line that is known to work 4x faster and actually lasts 10x longer than the ordinary sandpaper. This is the perfect tool to efficiently remove those oil-based and latex-based paints and varnishes. It comes with an ergonomically contoured and easy-to-grip shape so you can work with ease on both dry and wet surfaces.

There is another type of sandpaper blocks that is not only long-lasting, it is also reusable, so you don't have to constantly buy and replace every so often. Made of recycled glass, this is a non toxic block that can be used with moderate pressure to effectively strip off those paint without dealing with the hazardous fumes and with lesser mess.

If you are looking for an eco friendly sealant, the concrete moisture control variety can effectively help you solve the problem of moisture transfer from the concrete to the sub floor wood. This helps you effectively maintain a highly resilient wood flooring by simply reducing the moisture transmission. This very easy to use formula has been known to reduce the transmission by as much as 75% to 90%. It is also VOC-compliant and low odor formula so you and your family don't have to contend with irritating toxic fumes.

Another great alternative to non toxic sealants is the titebond plus, known to dry up quickly, typically within two hours under most weather conditions. It also has very low odor formula and eliminates the need for any bead blasting as well as other inconvenient measures, making it a cost effective and most convenient alternative.

There is also an available line of professional acoustical sound sealant that is specifically designed to improve the STC values as well as upgrade the sound quality of a room. It is known to efficiently fill in gaps and remains flexible, without growing brittle with age.

When you're doing some DIY projects like plumbing or building, you are bound to find some times when you'll need an eco friendly sealant. Sealants are an important part of building a green home, because when you don't use sealants you may have leaks that waste valuable resources like water and energy.