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Some people prefer organic conditioners because they tend to have a gentler and more relaxing effect on your hair. As they are organic, they do not contain any toxic substances.

Those who have a hard time choosing which organic conditioner and other essential hair care products are right for them should start out with a hair care sample set. This travel-friendly hair care kit includes four 2-oz bottles of your preferred hair care product. You have a choice between scented and fragrance versions for shampoos, conditioners, moisturizing shampoos, and volumizing shampoos.

Sometimes, a natural conditioner may also take the form of an herbal hair rinse. One such product would be the thyme lavender rosemary hair rinse. One glance at its ingredients will immediately let you know about the healing benefits this type of conditioner is likely to bring. In fact, this type of product is believed to be effective in repairing all types of hair damage as well as being capable of correcting the pH level of your hair.

Trying out organic natural conditioners from all over the world is also one way of showing your appreciation for fauna – one of the most wonderful living gifts of nature. An example of an imported conditioner would be the one made in Morocco. It is the instant crème rinse type and at 8 oz, it is suitable for the entire family.

And for those who have not the time to take a quick shower, they can still keep their hair beautifully tamed and sleek with the right leave-in conditioners. Natural leave-on conditioners tend to be free of many toxic substances that one would typically see in regular shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products.

We put conditioner in our hair because we want to make sure our hair is protected from the pollutants and chemicals that are in the air. What about the pollutants and chemicals in traditional conditioners. These organic and eco friendly conditioners help to put moisture and nutrients back into your hair the environment may have stripped away.

Comments for Organic Conditioners

This conditioner is the best! between my blow dryer and flat iron my hair gets a lot of damage and this conditioner rejuvenates my hair.It makes it soft and silky and repairs the damage of the day. noticable difference from any store bought product that ive ever used. great business and customer service.

I use both shampoo and conditioner then applied the hair butter on the scalp and hair while still damp. Then apply the hair glaze after. I let it set with a night hair silk hat then in the morning it is set. I noticed their has conditioned and moisturized without it being greasy. Hair glaze great for everyday hair styling, mixed great with the detangler. Polishes and shines dry frizzing top hair. The only issues I have is frizzy top hair strands.The rest of the hair stays moisturized and conditioned, soft and manageable. It would nice to have a gel or hair styling aids.*

Hair butter is great for conditioning scalp. Smells wonderful

I love the hair detangler, it leaves smoother and stronger strands of hair. I've used the detanglers/leave in conditioner from C. D. Carol's with other store bought detanglers leave built up and after the hair strands have more frizz and tangles. -Detangler Pros- hair strands are stronger after a couple of weeks, after a few months I use less. Resets hair if I change hairstyle with out having to use water.* Cons- None

As a curly mop headed mama, this product is fabulous. You put it on and you can feel the difference the first time you use it. I don't think my hair has ever been that shiny!!! It also doesn't take much so a little goes a long way. Only thing that may be a negative to some is that your hair color tends to look a little darker and I had one person comment on it. Not a problem for me and she also commented how it looked like I just colored my hair and it had been several weeks. It was that shiny.

Great conditioner. No residue left behing to weigh hair down. My hair is clean a nd soft! Love all the products and will contnue to order for my whole family. THE BEST all natural produts I have found. Now I can stop looking, I found the perfect place. Thank you so much.

Dandruff??? Never had it until recently moving to NY in the last two years. Tried this Softress product out on my husban and I and it worked miracles that even the dandruff shampoos weren't doing. Not only has it rid our scalps of dandruff.... my hair is softer and shinier and more manageable than ever. Love this product and highly recommend it!! Although I don't have children of my own yet, with long hair, I would highly recommend this product as a must-have bath-time essential, as there are no more knots and tangles!!

My hair is long and very thick, so it tangles easily and is very hard to get a brush through it. But when I used Love Your Hair, tangles said bye bye. I began to see the results just as soon as I rinsed it out of my hair in the shower. After it dried I noticed there was hardly no frizz like I usually get, and the brush and my fingers just glided right through it. Softress can count me as a regular customer!

as a person with locs i have to be careful about what i use on my hair. product buildup is a major concern. i can use this product without that concern. i use it every other day. it gives my scalp and locs the moisture content needed to prevent dry scalp and breakage. here's the great thing no flaking, or oily residue.

I was recently prescribed a medication which caused my normally healthy mature hair to turn into straw. Nothing I used, not even my tried and true conditioners, made any difference. My hair was so brittle it was breaking off at the roots. On the recommendation of a friend, I decided to try Softress. Not only did it make my hair soft and shiny, it restored my hair's moisture. Softress indeed! Once I started using it consistently, all breakage stopped. Most of the time, I avoid using anything on my hair which contains chemicals such as parabens, as I know they are readily absorbed through the scalp. I was very encouraged to see that this product contains only high quality plant oils. A little goes a long way, so it is also quite economical. Good stuff!!

Ever since I started coloring my hair, it has been more lifeless and dry than usual. I sceptically tried Love Your Hair and found it works wonders. My hair is now softer to the touch and moisturized in a way that other conditioners failed to achieve. I use Love Your Hair after washing and before conditioning. Then I rinse it all out. This product gives me the benefits of a hot oil treatment in a fraction of the time. I recommend it to anyone who wants softer, more touchable hair.