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The PristinePlanet.com Newsletter
1 October 2007 — Issue #36
Editor: Michael J. Ross
Editor's Message

The PristinePlanet.com community is growing rapidly, with so many new members that we devote this issue of the newsletter to spotlighting four of them. Also, this issue marks our third year of publication!

Member Profiles
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As more consumers demand environmentally and socially responsible products for their shopping dollars, a growing number of online businesses have responded, claiming to offer such products. Yet how can the consumer know if those products are truly green, or simply conventional ones that have been "greenwashed" — mislabeled, knowingly or otherwise? PristinePlanet.com is the first place to start one's search, and one of its members, BuyGreen.com, has made it quite easy for shoppers to see to what extent each available item meets the firm's high standards. Founded in 2006 by Doug Farquhar, BuyGreen.com aims to be a comprehensive source of green products for both retail and business buyers, in a variety of categories, including: clothing, accessories, personal care, pet supplies, furniture, appliances, cleaning supplies, office products, building materials, and even items for particular industries, such as food services and hospitality. Doug's online store is unique in that every item is ecologically and numerically scored according to its source materials, manufacture, usage, and disposal. Visit BuyGreen.com's easy-to-navigate Web site today, and take the guesswork out of green shopping!

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Anecdotal observations and statistics both indicate that the developed countries of the world are experiencing increasing rates of allergies, asthma, premature puberty, and other mysterious health problems — now at unprecedented levels in human history. There is growing evidence that all of these problems, and many more, including cancer, are the direct and indirect consequences of the countless chemicals we encounter in our everyday lives. Two individuals very much affected by these problems, are Ellen Holder and Carol Kelling. Best friends for almost 20 years, these two women experienced in their lives — and in their children's lives — many of these problems, as well as hair loss, autism, Parkinson's disease, and more. Ellen and Carol realized that the root cause was a synthetic chemicals found in the so-called "health care" products in their homes. They wanted to address these issues in particular, and also make the world a better place for their children in general. This motivated them to form their own company, Caren, whose name is derived from combining "Carol" with "Ellen." Their online enterprise was founded in June 2006, and their Web site was launched in August 2007. Visitors to their site will find a fantastic selection of cleansers, moisturizers, and treatments, as well as products for eye care, bath and body, and sun care. Ellen and Carol offer items that are environmentally friendly, and have been personally tested and found to be the most effective. In addition, their Web site, in the section titled "our community," has a new forum where visitors can discuss sun safety, skin health, and healthy homes. Ellen and Carol invite you to join the discussion and learn more about how you can avoid skin difficulties and other health problems.

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Naturally Good.Net

One of the most effective ways to create a healthier environment in your home and office, is to eliminate as many items as possible in the vicinity that are manufactured using toxic chemicals. These are found in things to which you may be exposed only momentarily, such as lawn care products, and items to which you may be exposed almost 24 hours per day, such as conventionally made clothing and bedding products. One place where you can find much healthier replacements for these everyday items, is Naturally Good.Net, located in Mount Vernon, Ohio. The company was founded in 2004, by Shelly Platt, who notes that, when she first got started in the business, she did not have much knowledge about organic products. But that certainly changed as she studied the subject and began investigating the organic alternatives for a wide range of products we use every day. Now she is delighted to not only help make the world a healthier place, but each individual's part of that world, by offering organic and other natural products in a variety of areas, including aromatherapy, baby care, bed and bath items, clothing and accessories, food and beverages, personal care products, and more. Not only does her Web site have an option for creating a gift registry, but visitors can read over a dozen articles that discuss ways to live healthier. One single step alone can make a huge difference, and that is replacing one's synthetic mattress with an organic latex mattress. The same could be done for every member of the family, especially babies, whose rapidly forming bodies and brains are particularly susceptible to nerve damage from airborne toxins. Contact Naturally Good.Net, talk to Shelly or her mother — who does a terrific job handling customer service — and find out how easy it is to make your home naturally good!

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The Organic Farm Store

When the typical American consumer hears the term "organic," they oftentimes assume that it only applies to organic foods, which admittedly are growing in popularity. But most people do not realize that there are many other categories of consumer products for which organic alternatives are now being made available. Three of those categories — bath and body care products, fertilizers, and pet care products — comprise a large portion of this country's total retail consumption, and thus could have a huge impact upon the adoption of organic practices. They are also the three categories in which The Organic Farm Store specializes. Founded in 1998, and located in Spokane, Washington, this new member of the PristinePlanet.com community is a family-owned and operated business, bringing together the skills and energy of Scott DeWaide, its president, his wife Suzanne, who is in charge of business development, and her father, Bob Miller, who handles technical support. All three of them combine their areas of expertise, with a passion for protecting people, animals, and the environment. They are dedicated to providing top-quality earth-friendly products that are completely natural and organic. A good example of this is their new pet product line, Close to Naturenow™, which includes the only cat litter on the market that is made from soybean meal. All of the products offered by The Organic Farm Store are safe for your family and for your home — planet Earth.

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