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The PristinePlanet.com Newsletter
10 November 2004 -- Issue #1
Editor: Michael J. Ross
Editor's Message

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the PristinePlanet.com Newsletter! This is the first of what we hope will be a long and unbroken line, with each issue providing you with interesting news and discussion about the environment, and how PristinePlanet.com's members and Web site visitors are helping to protect it.

This is planned to be a monthly publication, with each current issue and all past issues available on the Web site. The primary purpose of this newsletter is to be a place where all participants in the PristinePlanet.com community can share their news, opinions, requests, and ideas -- including thoughts on how PristinePlanet.com as well as its newsletter can serve you better.

In essence, this newsletter is published by us, but it is meant for you. We invite all member organizations, Newsletter recipients, Web site visitors, and writers to contribute environmental news, letters to the publisher, and even guest articles. Please post them in the Newsletter section of the Forum.

What do you want to hear about in this newsletter? Let us know! While the PristinePlanet.com Forum will give us clues as to which current topics are of greatest interest to you, the Newsletter will bring together Forum highlights in addition to completely fresh material.


Publisher's Message

We hope that you find this newsletter helpful as well as informative and fun. PristinePlanet.com is a website that encourages interaction and participation. We invite you to visit our directories, which are full of environmentally friendly organizations and products. You'll be amazed at all of the green businesses that are available to us as consumers. By supporting these companies, it's easy to make a difference!

We would also like to invite you to visit our new Forum. It's brand new, so don't be shy to be one of the first to contribute. We want to make the Forum a cool place to hang out, learn, and contribute. Thanks again for your support, and we hope you enjoy your visit to PristinePlanet.com!

Environmental News

A Renewable Energy Source

Even now, as so many consumers (in SUVs) hurtle towards an uncertain future of Peak Oil and prohibitively expensive gasoline, other folks are actively exploring energy sources that involve far greater sustainability and less environmental damage. Among these renewable energy sources are: wind (in the form of modern windmills, now more efficient than their predecessors), solar (captured in rooftop solar panels), and hydrogen (utilizing the electrolysis of water method). These natural energy solutions have been harnessed for centuries -- even using remarkably low-tech methods -- and are readily available. Moreover, they are independent of Middle East stability and OPEC machinations, and provide energy remarkably cleaner than can carbon- and nuclear-based options.

As an ecologically conscious consumer, you probably would like to learn more about these energy options. But where does one start? Fortunately, The Renewable Energy Center provides a Web site where you can learn more about alternative energy sources, including hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The site offers research links, products, services, and installation partners for solar, wind, and hydrogen systems. As an example, their Green Garage Energy System is a complete hydrogen energy production system. It is capable of providing electricity to your residence or business, in addition to providing hydrogen for fueling a hydrogen vehicle. The goal of The Renewable Energy Center is to be a comprehensive source for all of your renewable energy product and service needs, while saving you time and money by working directly with their suppliers. For instance, the Renewable Energy Center has partnered with other firms that provide customers with nationwide installation services and financing options, in order to help make any purchase of an alternative energy system hassle-free.

Featured Products

  • Greenfeet.com is offering the Gourmet Cheese Platter, crafted from recycled wine bottles that have been carefully cleaned and flatted. They come in six different colors, and are ideal for giftgiving, especially during the holidays and for wine lovers.

Back Country Excursions

  • Back Country Excursions has a mountain bike trip to Costa Rica planned for February -- just about the time you could use some warm weather and some fun in the sun! Join fellow cyclists for an exciting escape to the jungles, rainforests, beaches, volcanoes, and friendly people of Costa Rica. Glide Magazine has an article with pictures from the 2003 adventure.

PristinePlanet.com News

Firsts for PristinePlanet.com
  • Our memberships have been steadily increasing and we are excited to do our part in promoting green business. Thank you for helping us!
  • On 18 October 2004, the first company press release went out to PR Web Newswire, eMediawire, and Google News.
  • This, our first Newsletter issue, was published on the Internet.
"The Rutt Riders"

On a rather long "day", 25-26 September 2004, the cycling team from PristinePlanet.com participated in the 24 Hours of Adrenaline Fall Extravaganza 24-hour mountain bike race, at Hurkey Creek Park, in Idyllwild, California, USA. Competing as "The Bike Empire Rutt Riders", they finished 7th in the co-ed field of 29 teams. Given that the other teams in their category were more experienced (some semi-pro racers), and it was their first 24-hour race, they are quite happy with their results, finishing with a time of 23:58:44. The large PristinePlanet.com banner was flying at the event, and was undoubtedly seen by the 1000+ mountain bikers.

All material copyright © 2004 PristinePlanet.com™, except for Environmental News articles copyright © 2004 Michael J. Ross. All rights reserved. No portion of this newsletter can be copied without express written permission from PristinePlanet.com.

Letters and guest articles posted in the Newsletter section of the Forum or sent to the publisher become the property of PristinePlanet.com, and may be edited for brevity or clarity prior to publication.

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