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Neti Nasal Pots


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A nettie pot, which is also commonly referred to as a nasal cleansing pot, is designed to provide users with relief from sinus problems, nasal allergies, and the common cold.

If the usual medications and remedies have not made you breathe more easily and give your original nose color back, then perhaps it is time that you give the neti nasal pot a try.

Although the wonderfully innovative and effective neti nasal pot has only recently penetrated the US markets, it has in fact been around for various centuries in the Eastern world. Nasal cleansing pots are also more widely used by those who practice Ayurveda or even Yoga in India.

Using a neti pot is easier than most people think. Start by pouring warm salt water into the neti nasal pot. At Pristine Planet, we have neti nasal pots that are pre-packaged with their own salt filling. An example of this is the beautiful blue nasal pot from Solay and which comes with its own package of therapeutic Himalayan salt.

If salt water is not available, simply buy a saline nasal solution from your local drugstore. Do not worry, though, as you will not need a prescription for it. With your nasal pot now filled, you can finally take it with you to the sink.

Tilt your head slightly and position the nettie potís snout next to your upper nostril. Pour in the solution slowly. This will cause the liquid to trickle inside, passing through the nasal cavity then flowing out through your lower nostril. You will have to do this again for the other side.

If, however, you feel that this is a bit too much for you, then we have an alternative that you can make do for the meantime. Check out our Spa Mist Diffuser. Just place a few drops of essential oils into the diffuser, and it will consequently release a cleansing mist to make the air you breathe less likely to cause further nasal problems.

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As an athlete former smoker, and trombone player I found myself constantly running short of breath during the hot summer practices, and intense weight-room workouts. I started using the salt pipe every other day for about 20 minutes a day. The results came with in a week. My lungs and throat felt cleaner, and the raspiness in my breath disapeared almost instantly.