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Eco Friendly Necklaces


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Accent your wardrobe and enhance your style with this creative selection of hemp, bead and recycled necklaces made from innovative materials that will surely turn heads.

Hemp necklaces like the Angel Wings Charm on Black Hemp and the handmade Wooden Bead necklace adds a touch of elegance to your wardrobe and will continue to do so for many years to come. Hemp is one of the most durable fibers and these necklaces are meant to last.

Seed Bead Necklaces gives your outfit a unique flair and with the Green Mora necklace you'll also be making a statement. Made from mora seeds carved into leaf-shaped pendants, these necklaces are fairly traded from the Women's Co-op in Papaturro, El Salvador where it is handmade. Only recycled materials are used to complete this unique necklace.

Another unique piece is the Kenyan handmade choker made from coconut, rubber and copel resin. You might also like the recycled necklace with a matching pendant made from recycled car tires. This inventive necklace uses washed knotted thread taken from discarded tires. The pendant is made from polished bones.

For something colorful to add to your outfit, choose the linked Jacaranda necklace made from handcrafted recycled paper and ceramics beads and accented with ostrich eggshells. The necklace is also made in Kenya and is being sold by a member of the Fair Trade Organization.

For more classic accessories, go for the fairly traded copper and silver necklace made from sterling silver and copper accents. Made in Indonesia and perfect for formal dinners and dates. You can never go wrong with a turquoise necklace made from waxed brown cords and tumbled turquoise chips with a diamond-shaped turquoise stone as the main feature. Alternatively, the ceramic bead and ribbon necklace fired and glazed ceramic beads adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

These eco friendly necklaces are as unique as you. Everyone has their own needs with finding necklaces, some like their necklaces long others short, some big, others small. Pristine Planet has brought together recycled necklaces, hemp necklaces and fair trade necklaces. You'll be able to find a necklace that fits your style.