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Toothbrushes have a large impact on the environment. Many people donít realize that America changes toothbrushes once every three month. That is a lot of wasted material! If you are serious about finding ways to make the world a better place, every step counts. And if you can start by making your toothbrush 100% green from now on, then you have just helped in your own little way.

There are many eco friendly toothbrush choices available. You can opt for recycled toothbrushes that are made from 100% recycled ingredients so that you donít have to worry about being the cause of the depletion of our earthís precious resources or you can choose an eco toothbrush that is made from renewable plant resources. You can also purchase a natural toothbrush with replaceable heads so that you donít have to chuck away a perfectly good handle each time.

These greener eco toothbrush options mean less waste, and another step in the direction of a sustainable environment. Brush your teeth clean with an organic toothbrush and smile for more reasons than one. You get to clean your teeth with a top of the line quality natural toothbrush that is made out of 100% eco friendly material. Never worry about throwing away your eco toothbrush and adding to the already increasing waste in the planet. Keep your conscience and teeth clean with one of our natural toothbrush products available only here on Pristine Planet.

The replacement head idea is brilliant considering you get to keep the handle of your eco toothbrush and only throw away the bristles. You get a pack of three disposable heads. Every eco friendly toothbrush is important especially in the light of the environment crisis we are facing today. Choose one that is made from 100% natural products so you donít contribute to the growing problem. All our eco toothbrushes are biodegradable, made from recycled materials and are all guaranteed to be only the finest in quality and performance.

So when it comes to cleaning your teeth and cleaning up the earth, make it a recycled toothbrush from PristinePlanet.com and nothing else.