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Organic Snacks


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Keep organic snacks handy for when the munchies strike. These yummy snacks are healthy and natural. They are great for kids and adults alike. Substitute sugary, unhealthy and fake snacks with Pristine Planet’s awesome selection.

Snacking is a great way to keep your weight down and fuel your energy throughout the day. The secret is to eat healthy snacks instead of fattening or artificial ones so that you keep yourself healthy.

Organic snacks are healthy alternatives to your mid-morning donut or your late afternoon pizza. If you are watching your weight, try munching on Peeled Snacks’ Apricot-A-Lot for a sweet fix that does not pack on the pounds. Dried fruit snacks like Sensible Foods 100% Organic Apple Dried Snacks is a better option for an after school treat than a candy bar.

Even your kids will love our organic snack food options. Clif Kid Organic Chocolate Brownie Bars are nutritious alternatives to sugar-choked candy bars. The Organic Honey Graham is perfect for a little (or big) sweet tooth.

If you must have a chocolate fix (and we know that chocolate is just so good) try Nicobella’s dark chocolate in flavors like Maple-Nut and Mama-Munch, an all-organic chocolate option to die for.

Instead of fattening buttered popcorn try 479 Popcorn’s Madras Curry Coconut for a unique culinary experience. We love the Black Truffle and White Cheddar flavor, full of black truffle and real aged cheese. Gourmet organic popcorn is the healthy alternative and one of the best snacks around.

Keep your natural snacks in your car, within easy reach, inside your office drawer for easy access whenever you fill a twinge of hunger. Our assortment of natural snacks is sure to please everyone, so give them as gifts or keep them for yourselves. You will never want to be without one of our delicious organic snacks.