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Natural Salt And Organic Salt


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Natural Salt | Organic Salt

Natural salt is the most basic and one of the most important food ingredients in life. Enjoy salt in your beautifully prepared meals, and you can enjoy appetizing tasteful meals that satisfy the eye, the stomach, and the tongue! Our green merchant's ofer you a wide array of amazing natural salt products.

There are exotic Himalayan salts that go as far back as 250 million years. This is the oldest, most healthful and delicious salt in the world. Hand harvested to guard it and protect its environmental integrity; it retains its original hue, a beautiful shade of pink that comes naturally from 84 essential minerals. It is found in a mysterious region of the Himalayas. Abe's food market carries a wide selection of gourmet salt and seasoning with this salt as main ingredient. High on this list is Himalaya organic salt, consists of the highest grade pink Himalayan salt crystals, combined with essentials and minerals for your health and well-being. This product is all natural in content with no additives and powered by 100% renewable energy. It is artisan harvested from the Himalayas, and helps restore the natural alkaline balance in our body. Natural salt is an important part of our daily diet.

La Baleine coarse sea salt also answers this need in your diet requirement. The main ingredient is guaranteed to be of pure ocean origin. It is completely unrefined to retain its essential mineral contents and subtle nuances of taste and flavor. The product is created using solar energy to avoid harmful effects on the environment.

Whether harvested in the deepest mountains of the Himalayas or from the purest depths of the ocean, organic salt is a tried and tested way to a healthy lifestyle and a safer environment, unlike many table salts or rock salts.

These gourmet salts are wonderful on many different meals. You'll find once you start using these specialty salts, you'll never want to go back to regular table salt.