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Natural Pet Treats


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If you are a proud and doting pet owner, you would probably jump at the chance of giving your adorable pooch or elegant feline healthier food options. So if the whole family is shifting towards organic and natural food, itís a good idea to let your pets join the bandwagon. Pets are very much part of the family, usually kept not just for protection but for company as well. So why not?

All too often, we are reminded of our petís dependence and unwavering trust in our ability to feed and take care of them. This is sometimes an overwhelming responsibility pet owners are saddled with. And with our busy schedules, it can be a real challenge to find time to provide healthier food options. Truth is, it is simply not enough to feed your pet whatever is convenient, not if you take their health seriously.

Here at Pristine Planet, we understand the challenges of day to day living. We offer eco-friendly and organic options to make it easier for you to make healthy choices without the extra trouble and exorbitant cost. When it comes to natural pet treats, we have a full line of healthy and delicious nibbles for dogs and cats, all available are reasonable rates.

Newmanís Own Organic Small Chicken Dog Treats are specially formulated to provide your canine pet organic formulas, which are based on the newest holistic approaches in animal nutrition. With healthy, all natural snacks, you can help you dogs sustain its energy all throughout the day.

We also offer organic pet treats specifically formulated for cats. Your feline friend is usually more susceptible to a number of health problems such as obesity. Keep their weight in check by providing smaller meals and healthy nibbles in between. Organic pet treats are the perfect compromise when showing them love while keeping them healthy.

Like kids, pets need love and attention. And as a member of the household, every pet owner should be actively responsible in ensuring the health and well being of their pets.