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Natural Personal Care


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Pristine Planet has put together a dazzling array of natural personal care products so you can never have to compromise your commitment to eco health. Stay clean, fresh and beautiful naturally with our selection of bath care, feminine hygiene care, lotions, creams and more. Commercial personal care products are often filled with chemicals, petroleum products and detergent-grade emulsions. Since many people use these items in a hot environment like the shower, the chemicals are often absorbed directly into the pores.

We give you the organic, the natural and the healthiest way to care for yourself without having to worry about toxins. Start off with an organic shampoo and conditioner like the Hydration Plus Organic Fusion Shampoo by Valley Green Naturals. This sulfate free formula has no detergents or artificial preservatives.

Organic personal care items are guaranteed to come without these dangerous ingredients that can potentially be absorbed by your skin and body. Scrub off dead skin with a sugar scrub or a natural pumice stone.

Natural soap like those by All the Better to Kiss You With cleanse and moisturize naturally without drying or damaging skin. We also have a selection of natural body oils, organic lotions and creams to finish up your bath in a truly organic fashion. Follow it up with our selection of hydrating lip balms so you can be kissable all over.

Natural personal care products are perfect for people with allergies or skin sensitivity, since they have no sneeze-triggering perfumes or itch-making ingredients. A natural deodorant like Crystalux Solid keeps you smelling fresh and clean all day without clogging your pores or burning your skin.

Men, women and children will enjoy our massive selection of natural personal care products. There is something for everyone. If you are searching for the perfect eco shaving cream, you do not have to look any further. You never have to let harmful chemicals touch your skin again.